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Program Development and Implementation


Our extensive number of years servicing a variety of different types of clients; our continued education on "industry best practices"; and our extensive knowledge of Federal Regulations allows us to develop some of the most effective and innovative client programs in the industry.

Following are some of our specialized programs that earned us award winning recognition.

Community Outreach and Engagement


Our Community Outreach and Engagement Program is essential in providing our clients with successful candidates for meeting their procurement and diversity participation goals.


We effectively and efficiently reach community members that result in our clients successfully identifying participants for achieving their targeted goals. Knowing how, where, and when to engage with the community ensures our clients' success.   

Program Compliance Monitoring


Our Program Compliance Monitoring processes are detailed and designed to ensure that the goals associated with the targeted industries are achieved. It is our aggressive approach that ensures that our partners, more often, exceed their goals.  


Also, BWA provides a comprehensive compliance monitoring program that ensures its partners comply with Federal Regulations 49 CFR Part 26 on Federally funded projects. 

Technical Assistance Support Services


BWA provides technical assistance to interested project participants, as needed. They are assisted in issues related to bonding requirements; estimating; understanding the bidding process; etc. to improve their ability to be both competitive and successful in responding to the project's contract opportunities.  

Certification Assistance Support


BWA ensures that its partners hire companies that are diversity certified. This confirmation is a critical factor in meeting their participation goals.  If not certified, BWA provides certification assistance. 

Program Participation Tracking and Verification 


BWA services include a database tracking and verification process that tracks participation at all levels of the project.  For example, it includes tracking subcontractors; work categories; ethnicity, construction work divisions; professional services; etc. 


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